Times are clearly uncertain, so more than ever I want to keep in touch, stay involved and not lose hope. I don’t know a better way to stay engaged than to sing and to continue our musical work. To really take advantage of this time - this insisted upon “time out”- to dig deep and expand our musical horizons. There are no show dates, no post cards, no costumes to worry about, just simply the work.  We need to hold our feet to the fire and continue doing the work. The wonderful, exciting work. 


At first I did not want to teach virtually…. it was foreign, distant, clinical... TECHNICAL... the opposite of an intimate cabaret experience. It felt gratuitous trying to proceed as though we had something to work towards with no realistic idea as to when the clubs might open again. I didn’t want to do it.  But I have been doing it. And I am loving it!


As a teacher AND a singer myself, I've discovered that right now we have the time to explore, to do things differently, with ourselves, musically and performance-wise that we are rarely given the time to do when we are working towards something with a time frame attached to it. It seems that a world full of ambiguities lends itself, if we let it, to immense humanity and creativity  - so let’s use it. No matter how we emerge from this pandemic we have to come out of it having done the best we can with these forced “opportunities” we've been handed.


So, as excellent New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says…we will come out even better on the other side of it all.  For us, what we do, so let's do it together and come out "swingin"!

VIRTUAL VOICES class schedual

Two separate four week classes 

each class 2 hour duration

Workshop 1

June 23 through July 14th 

Every Tuesday Evening 

Workshop 2

June 24 through July 15th 

Every Wednesday Evening 

You will be working with a variety of musicians / arrangers / players at each workshop. Class information/pricing/times contact Lina.