An unplugged and beautifully balanced trio featuring rich pop, blues, jazz and more. Loaded with solos, harmonies, duets, instrumentals and a collectively high level of real live talent.

 Marcus Simeone - Sean Harkness - Lina Koutrakos 

Photo : Taka Harkness

Cutting Room, nyc

Three individual, multi awarded, rave reviewed and seasoned  NYC performers combine to offer both a laid back and passionate hour or so of song and story. With trios, duets and solos they share their own musical treatments and points of view on covers that span 5 decades and sprinkled with originals featuring all 3 writers.


Together for over a year now, CLEARLY NOW has already garnered numerous reviews, was the opening act for Air Supply, was featured at Lincoln Center and won the Best Major Ensemble Award from the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Club Award for 2019. Clearly Now's debut album will be released in the spring of 2020 on the Miranda Music label. 


They are each also musical coaches: Lina is an Award winning Performance Coach, Marcus teaches voice and Sean teaches guitar, ensemble skills and arranging for vocalists.


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Three seasoned performers—three friends who are comfortable onstage and with each other.Three fantastic voices and one masterful guitar! The simple, spontaneous , laid back and effortless feel of the evening spoke volumes about the talent and experience of the performers.  



Hot Spots

Lyrics, vocals and style are all in attendance for this wonderful “jam session”.... a celebration of lyric, life and music itself.   
HotSpots NYC


From Rodgers and Hammerstein to Otis Redding, some Latin/Bossa, a handful of blues, originals and sweeping ballads, this show is both top stitched and authentic.

Cabaret Scenes NYC


Photos : Taka Harkness
Sean Harkness
Guitarist / Vocalist

Sean is one of the most in-demand guitarists both studio and live accompanist in New York and beyond. Sean 's immerse  approach and signature touch on any song is an eclectic blend of technical rule and tasteful insanity.  A Windham Hill Recording artist, Harkness has garnered too many awards to list. He represents Walden Guitars, DR Handmade Strings, Fishman Pickups, and more with cover features on  Walden Guitar catalogs.

Lina Koutrakos

Lina is a unique voice and a one-in-a-million performer Her sultry entrance almost purposely misleads you as her sound goes from an emotional explosion to a joyful soft caress as its coupled with her rare story telling ability through song.  Raved reviewed in all New York's major publications as a singer, Lina is also a multi-award wining director and performance coach.  She continues to tour the planet and will soon release her 7th album in 2020.

Marcus Simeone

Marcus has a celebrated voice infused with both grace and power. With a 5 octave  range he puts the “full” in soulful whether it is with his natural affinity for red-hot jazz or his fierce R&B flair. His multiple awards have made him nearly renowned for his achingly beautiful and emotionally charged interpretations. He appeared on “Star Search”, “Showtime at The Apollo” and the “Charlie Daniels’ Talent- Round-up” and is gearing up for his 9th album.


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Lincoln Center, nyc

St.George Theater, nyc