With numerous awards as Director, Koutrakos builds a framework that showcases who an individual is while weaving that into an honest, entertaining and seamless show for the solo singer. With both instinct and skill Lina fine focuses each singers vision of themselves into a one of kind performance. From the music and the spoken word to the arc of the piece itself, every show is highly crafted for and unique to its performer.

A group of between 8-12 singers with Koutrakos at the helm and an acclaimed pianist/arranger at the keys. These are customized workshops based on each groups level of experience, its location and the time allotted. All workshops are designed to help the singer make a stronger connection to both the song and the audience and to become more and more themselves on stage and on purpose!

These are larger groups, designed much like the Master Classes that take 20 singers. (by audition only) These workshops have a staff of guest teachers and are a designated 3 day weekend in various locations throughout the country. All full workshop weekends culminate in a participants performance. There are also specialized Workshop Weekends (see below) happening throughout the year.

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unnamed  Master.jpg

Ideally you will need a USB microphone (Blue Yeti is great), headphones and tracks/arrangements (Mp3's you have downloaded to your cpu) Not prefabricated karaoke tracks! If you do not have anything let me know and I will help you hook up with talented folks to start that part of your musical journey. Both revisiting old songs (tracks) and trying new things are welcome. Most of you who will want to join us already have some great stuff to work with and on. 

You will have to be able to join us on Zoom and a computer or ipad are the best way to do all of this with a digital microphone.

The only thing I have asked of them is to wear pants.

2022 Annual Master Classes & Workshops 
Puerto Vallarta
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Details & Schedual

Date : June 4 & 5, 2022
Status : Open
10th Anniversary
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Date : January 31 to Febuary 3, 2022
Status : Open
"Lets get outta Here!" 


An annual workshop in its 10th year held at the famed Chicago cabaret club “Davenports.”  20 singers are welcome by audition only. In this past decade we have hosted over 200 singers with guest Master Teachers: Rick Jensen, Beckie Menzie, K.T. Sullivan, Sally Mayes, Lucie Arnaz and Amanda McBroom. We are SHAKING IT UP this year as this is our 10th anniversary. This year's "Hybrid" workshop is as much a workshop as it is a celebration of our collective decade. Since we have been on "Covid lockdown" for 2 seasons, we are incorporating our Zoom expertice into this years festivities We will schedule sessions with Lina and both Master Teaching Accompanist/Arrangers in advance, on Zoom all gearing up to 2 compact live rehearsals in Chicago. Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon rehearsals with a performance Sunday evening at our decades long host club- DAVENPORTS! Saturday night we will all do something fabulous together wrapped up in an unforgettable night out in the Windy City! In honor of our Anniversary along with Beckie Menzie and I our Guest Master Teacher will be accompanist and arranger Michael Orland of American Idol fame!  Join us for the learning, the community and the weekend of celebrations!

A few of my directorial clients and 2 of my favorite arranger/players swear by handful of great

clubs and a particular strip of beach in PV in the winter.

With water, sun, deep breathing and music available why would any of us say "no".

This is our first "Lets get out of here" in the dead of winter retreat. So looking forward to it!

Date : 
September to December 2021
Status : Closed
Fall Semester
Date : January to May 2022
Winter Semester  Status :
This long running (9 months out of the year) workshop takes place every Saturday at Don’t Tell Mamas. A three hour class where singers bring in their own performance agendas and often craft their shows with  pianists, director Lina Koutrakos and the “built in audience” of the other class members in 10 -12 week sessions.  Contact us directly for details on how to get on a waiting list for this class.
Mykonos, Greece
Date : September 17 to 24, 2022
Status : Open
A one week workshop on the Greek island of Mykonos in its 8th year.  In a private villa surrounded on 3 sides by the Aegean Sea. With 4 hours of performance workshopping per day,10 singers, 4 cars at your disposal, your own pool and magnificent outdoor space for coffee in the sun and dinner under the nearly overwhelming stars and Mykonian moon. Breakfast and lunch included in your stay. This passionate Mediterranean country is a magical place to make music. The week is not designed like a sleep-away camp with activities all day long, this is a grown up vacation to be enjoyed as you see fit in these glorious surroundings. Folks come back again and again because it's something very special....something with a touch of...well...magic.
Paris 2023

Specialty Workshops

Recording Studio Workshop

City  : NEW YORK
Date : March 2022
Status : Open

In Concert


This past August I did a recording workshop in Rhode Island with the late Mike Renzi at the keys. It was such a magnificent experience (thank you Mike)

I am offering it again. This time in Manhattan, with a trio, in a reputable 5 star recording studio where we will rehearse and learn how to "translate to tape" as opposed to a live audience. You will be at the mixing of your song and the finished mastered album ready recording is yours.

Start the thrilling process of recording by learning the ropes with me  in the studio and start your CD with what will be a top notch track.

Taking no more than 10 singers

By Audition only

City  : NEW YORK
Date : To Be Announced 2022
Status : Open

From “I know its only rock and roll” to “I’m with the Band” to “Soul” Rick Jensen and Lina Koutrakos took 10 singers, 20 unique arrangements in classic genres and put them on their feet with and without a band. There have been 3 different  “In Concerts”  so far. Stay tuned to the site for auditions and the next “In Concert” theme announcement.

About : Lina Koutrakos Master Teacher

Lina started teaching performance classes in the 1990's. She was  a long time Master Teacher at the original EUGENE O'NEILL CABARET SYMPOSIUM, THE YALE CABARET CONFERENCE and the ST LOUIS CABARET CONFERENCE.


She co-founded NY's SUMMER IN THE CITY and is the founder  of the annual and ongoing MIDWEST CABARET CONFERENCE in Chicago. Along with Robert Breig she has just launched THE GATEWAY CONFERENCE in St Louis.


Lina has spearheaded specialty workshops and Master Classes throughout the U.S. Most prominent being the IN CONCERT  Series. Koutrakos's PERFORMANCE CONNECTION  umbrellas THE ADVANCED PERFORMERS WORKSHOP in NY City and the now yearly week long workshop in MYKONOS Greece each September. 


(photo) The Virginia Theatre Association

On a career oriented panel with Lin Manuel Miranda to over 200 High School and College Theater Students 

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Public Speaking

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If you are not a singer or performer and want what we have as both a professional and a personal communicator see if AUTHENTIC VOICE is what you are looking for. 

Being authentic, listening and caring about who it is you are talking to and honoring your own unique self  is what makes communicating easy, exciting, memorable and sustainable.